Instant Spokesperson Review

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What is Instant Spokesperson?

Instant Spokesperson is a set of pre-made neighborhood niche videos for entrepreneurs to market to their offline customers.

  • Each video includes a professional performer that reads the script for the movie
  • Each video includes a script which has shown to convert
  • Each video contains professionally shot b-roll (cutaway) graphics and video to encourage the topic
  • Every video leaves room for the marketer to brand the movies
  • Every video comes in three variants… One with audio, one without audio, along with the raw green screen version to change further.

This is market video you may get when purchase Instant Spokesperson 4:

  • Windshield Repair
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Home Remodeling
  • Tire Shop
  • Autobody Shop
  • Home Siding
  • Internet Developer
  • Veterinary Care
  • Storage Facility
  • Mechanic
  • Concrete Company
  • Kitchen Cabinets

Not just video spokesperson, you’ll get hundreds of backgrounds which you can use for your video editing.

Super Easy To Use Instant Spokesperson 4

Edit Your Videos With Only a Few Clicks

Do not have a way to edit your movie and add branding? No need to Spend $400 on a fancy editing program This video editing software will provide you all of the tools you want to edit your videos with just a couple clicks!

HD Backgrounds Galore

High Definition wallpapers will give your videos a kick and permit you to customize them further.
Like everything with Instant Spokesperson Kit, this may be modified with only a couple clicks!

Music Tracks For Every Taste

Vast choice of music tracks which you could choose from. Your clients Will consider you to be a music virtuoso. With countless track to pick from, from many distinct styles, you won’t ever run out of ways to liven up your videos.

This Proven Package Enables You to Create a Recurring Business!

Clients ALWAYS return for fast and professional videos, making sure You create a recurring income while providing them with resources that Increase conversions for their enterprise.

Why Should Have Instant Spokesperson 4?

  • 12 Highly Professional Highly Customizable Videos Perfect for Local Firms! (Worth $348)
  • HUNDREDS Of HD Forged to Enliven Your Videos (Worth $450)
  • Huge Selection of Music Tracks in 24 Hot Groups (Value $360)
  • Newbie-Friendly Video-Editing Software Contained Inside Instant Spokesperson Volume 4 (Priceless)
  • Done For You Voice Overs In 12 Super Hot Niches To Generate Many Versions Of HD Videos For Local Firms (Worth $240)

Why Selling These to Local Firms is The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make:

  • The quality is far better than any other”video maker” software or program out there
  • It seems like you have spent HOURS producing these videos (We won’t tell if you do not!)
  • You do not need any technical or video skills to do so… whatever you will need to create money is comprised
  • These videos have been created for real local small business owners
  • If a company owner needs a change, it only requires a few minutes to customize the video for a local small business owner
  • Earn $500+ PER DAY! — All these videos SELL themselves…

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