MaxSlides Review

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MaxSlides is a GIANT bundle of 1,000 professional presentation slides that you flexibly use in each project like movies , webinars, promotions, sales pitch, company reports, social websites , product demonstrations , and a lot more.

Picture is the breathing hub of everything, picture has been used to express emotions, to tell stories and pretty much everything you see on the planet.

It’s the ideal way to approach your clients visually and effectively.

Quit lying to yourself when you continue using the identical old, dull and low-quality templates to present your real ideas and state they might get the job done and with more than only a fortune.

It’s time to fully alter your style and participate more customers’ focus with MaxSlides. I promise what is inside this brand new collection isn’t gonna let you down.

Because obviously I had been in your shoes when I’ve already discovered MaxSlides.

MaxSlides review — INTRODUCTION

Welcome you guys to my MaxSlides review!

There’s no doubt that to boost your brand up and win the contest, it is crucial in a business presentation To use the strong, effective and professional fashion presentation. Additionally, the presentations which are sleek in consistently get people’s fascination and notably, increase earnings. So this is the reason why designing a presentation plays a very important role in business.

However, the question is how do you make an awesome-looking presentation which actually converts? Honestly, It takes quite a while and much attempts to make a well-design presentation. Simply because you must determine the colour style, length of presentation, how many slide presentations and a lot more. It is really a hassle, right?

Fortunately, now I will bring you an incredible solution that can help you address this issue. It is called MaxSlides which allow you to create STUNNING, EFFECTIVE and PRO-DESIGN presentations in just a couple clicks on PowerPoint.

Let us pull and get access to this powerful product.


Merchandise MaxSlides
Creator Bayu Tara Wijaya
Establish Time 10:00 EST
Launch Date 2020-Feb-17
Front-End Price $19.9
Bonuses Huge Bonuses
Ability All Degrees
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Service Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Niche Video & Graphic
Recommend highly recommend

MaxSlides Review — What’s CALLED MAXSLIDES?

MaxSlides Is a bundle of over 1000 new, multi-purpose presentation templates that you MIX and MATCH to create unlimited combinations of presentations.

Whatever Type of content (videos, webinars, business profiles, promotions, sales pitch, sales presentations, company reports, social networking, product presentations, etc.) and how challenging the producing process is, MaxSlides is the easiest & easiest presentation maker that will transform how you produce POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE and current visual content to your viewers.


This product is brought to you by Bayu Tara Wijaya along with the Assistance of Sam Arief.

Bayu is A talented online marketer, digital product founder, and business consultant. He began an internet business since 2016 and become a product creator for regional and international markets. Now, however, he could be regarded as a well-known founder in the online marketing field with many high quality goods like Videoowwide Vol. 4, PicAds Guru, AdImpress, Sheendio, Frezlide… that do wonders for many companies.

Bayu is the Founder & CEO of VIDEOOWIDE Enterprise that has produced several excellent graphics tools: Frezlide, Sheendio, AdImpress, PicAds Guru, Sociowide, Grapvidty, you name it.

With such great gifts, Bayu and Sam are awarded in Top 10% Vendor & Top 4 percent Affiliate of JVZoo.

In my view, their creations always have unique signatures and reveal that their imagination is infinite. Thus, people casually go WOW after tapping into their account and start to utilize accessible vibrant templates.

Let us pay your attention to another part to discover its great functions.


Here is exactly plenty of perfect features that enable you to produce easily magnificent professional presentations in just minutes:

  • Total of 1000+ variety slides
    These Templates are always beautifully designed, utilize innovative methods, and allow you to produce great-looking video content and images quickly and easily
  • Fully animated slides
    Great! Feel free to creating jaw dropping presentation slides which easily drive attention
  • 40+ groups modules prepared
    This Means that you don’t ever worry about running out of ideas to present your company. You can see in the next section, I include a few samples from MaxSlides. To be more specific, if you want to present”About Us” section, you have several types of presentations to Select from
  • 16:9 widescreen resolution
    With 16:9 widescreen resolution, you have far more room to display your content in a visually attractive way. Additionally, It allows high-resolution photographs and images to be cropped or resized without losing quality
  • Unlimited combinations
    Because it’s more 1000+ stunning templates, so it is easy for you to combine templates together
  • Easily editable and customizable
    MaxSlides works Completely with PowerPoint, meaning you could easily edit and customize these templates in minutes with no technical or design expertise
  • All pictures included
  • Drag&drop master slide
  • Export in HD quality
    With This attribute, your presentation will have greater picture resolution, the ability to view more detail at a greater distance, simpler detection defects, hairline cracks and much more precise measurement than ever before
  • Just free font use
    It brings you just free fonts. So you can save a lot of money by not needing to purchase for fonts

MaxSlides Review — What are included inside MaxSlides

I Insert some samples but you know what, what you really get is MUCH MORE! So, remember to check out every single movie to see how amazing the slides work and check out its own earnings page also to see all the resources

  • Module 1: Opener slides ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for opener )
  • Module 2: Around us ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for about us )
  • Module 3: Vision and mission ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for vision and mission )
  • Module 4: What we do ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for “what we do” section )
  • Module 5: Timeline segment ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for deadline section )
  • Module 6: Company services ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for business services )
  • Module 7: Our attributes ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for our attributes )
  • Module 8: Meet our staff ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides to meet our staff )
  • Module 9: Personal group ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for Individual team )
  • Module 10: Creative articles ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for creative content )
  • Module 11: Paragraph ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for paragraph )
  • Module 12: Mockup apparatus ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for mockup apparatus )
  • Module 13: Brush ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for brush design )
  • Module 14: Puzzle mind ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for mystery mind )
  • Module 15: Maps( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for maps style )
  • Module 16: Company portfolio ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for business portfolio )
  • Module 17: Arrow infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for arrow infographic )
  • Module 18: Brain infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for mind infographic )
  • Module 19: Bulp infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for bulp infographic )
  • Module 20: Gear infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for equipment infographic )
  • Module 21: Round infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for around infographic )
  • Module 22: Circle infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for circle infographic )
  • Module 23: 3D infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for 3D infographic )
  • Module 24: Flowchart ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for flowchart )
  • Module 25: Square infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for square infographic )
  • Module 26: Timeline infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for deadline infographic )
  • Module 27: Schedule infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for shedule picture )
  • Module 28: Dashboard infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for dash graphic )
    Module 29: S.W.O.T analysis
  • ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for S.W.O.T analysis )
  • Module 30: Procedure infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for procedure inforgraphic )
  • Module 31: Tree infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for shrub infographic )
  • Module 32: Demographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for demographic )
  • Module 33: Education infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for schooling infographic )
  • Module 34: Illustration infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for illustration infographic )
  • Module 35: Our goal ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for our goal )
  • Module 36: Pricelist segment ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for pricelist section )
  • Module 37: Testimonial section ( 25 DFY multpurpose animated slides for testimonial section )
  • Module 38: social media graphic design ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for social media picture style )
  • Module 39: Social networking infographic ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for social networking infographic )
  • Module 40: Contact us ( 25 DFY multipurpose animated slides for social media infographic )


With 3 easy steps, you can immediately start with MaxSlides. Let us take a look at below:

  1. STEP 1: Run through all of the templates and pick the template that you will need to appropriate for your demand.
  2. STEP 2: Edit and customize the template from how you want.
  3. STEP 3: Review and export your template to PPT, JPG, PDF, MP4, Etc.


There’s absolutely not any doubt that the easiest way to make a design is by employing proven high quality templates, and luckily, MaxSlides has lots of critical quality of PowerPoint templates indoors.

Moving into MaxSlides, you not only have access to over 1000+ marvelous templates, However, you could also easily customize these templates with easy actions. Because of this, you can create stunning animated presentations that seem like it had been made by a PRO and has great conversions in minutes.

Due to this, it could be considered all-in-one solutions for these issues below:

  • ⇒ No Need to hire a movie designer
  • ⇒ No Need to purchase one template for one company
  • ⇒ No Need to attempt to learn from scratch to make a demonstration

It is really amazing, is not? So, let’s catch it today to make super impressive videos & images.



I Bet that you’re surprised because of its cost, right? To own this terrific product you just have to pay an extremely affordable price starting at $19.9 however, you’ll receive a great deal more than you pay. It brings you the wonderful value with a plethora of creations which you not only produce high quality presentations but also UNLIMITED digital creative. Unfortunately, the purchase price of it will be raised shortly, so let’s grab it now before it climbs to $97.

Use coupon code:”max5” for 5 percent off reduction instantly, for earlybird

Furthermore, if you have some technical issues when utilizing the MaxSlides, it will provide you 100 percent of your investment as a result of 30 Day Back Guarantee.

In addition, if you want to tap into more advanced functions, you could see some updates below:


You will get:

  • 45+ Categories Modules Ready
  • 1,125+ HUGE Variety of Unique, Ready-to-Go slide presentation templates
  • Commercial License to Complete Pack
  • EXTRA Bonus 1: 6000+ Slides Project-X Templates
  • EXTRA Bonus 2: Seminary Project Templates
  • EXTRA Bonus 3: 100 SVG-PNG Character

OTO 2: GRAPVIDTY V1 Bundle ($57)

Inside this update, it contains:

  • 30 Poster/Flyer Design Templates
  • 30 Infographic Animate Templates
  • 24 Facebook Cover Video Templates
  • 30 Promotional Video Templates
  • 30 Instagram Banner Templates
  • 30 Roll Up Banners
  • 35 Smartphone/Desktop Mockup Photo
  • 30 Frame Mockup Photo
  • 30 Name Card Templates
  • 20 Resume/CV Templates
  • 15 Letterhead Templates
  • 70+ Social Media Icon Animate Bundle
  • Commercial permit to complete package


Here are a few Upgrade links for your reference. You have to purchase the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you can purchase any OTOs if you like.

If You Purchase OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING Also it requires your time to ask for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to make sure that the product is functioning well


Yet Another thing might be significant to your mind is that you can receive only NUMEROUS valuable bonuses From both item creator and me. This section features the founder’s bonuses that will proceed well with now product. Mine, which can be divided into various kinds, are introduced in the previous section. So after you already know the item, you can by how select something useful for your company.


From my perspectives, it is genuinely an ideal product that earmarked for Individuals who are:

  • Video Creators
  • Product Creators
  • Graphic Designers
  • Freelancers
  • Any Sort of Marketers



  • High demand marketplace
  • Simple to Use and Customize
  • 100% edited in PowerPoint
  • Available low price
  • 30 Day Back Guarantee
  • Made by talented producers


Up to now, there’s none.

MaxSlides Review — Frequently Asked Questions

What’s My License?

You’ll find a private license, and you may use it on unlimited projects you have. You are permitted for:

  • [YES] unlimited use your endeavors;
  • [YES] unlimited web your endeavors;
  • [NO] RE-SELL in anyway;
  • [NO] Can’t use for giving anyhow .

If you would like to receive the commercial/developer permit for MaxSlides, you need to buy the upsell of MaxSlides PlatinumCard.

How About The Compatibility?

If you would like to work best with export movie , you need at least PowerPoint 2013. Powerpoint 2010 and 2007 still work for images, but for videos some impact , transition, movement, and design will not working flawlessly. MaxSlides utilizes 100 percent MS PowerPoint.

Can They Provide Training?

YES! You’ll discover an HD tutorial to be used in their fully featured member’s place . They’ll show you just how to utilize MaxSlides. And they’ve group private just for members, it is possible to learn and talk there.


Here’s all my honest review about MaxSlides. Expectantly, You’ll Get a clear overview of the product and also Easily give your choice. Do not forget that you are extremely safe & Your purchase is protected for its 30-day back guarantee. Besides, let us remember that its cost is rising with each sale, so let’s catch it now before too late.

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