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PitchBolt is the Most Effective slide Creation and internet presentation platform on earth. You do not need any design skills to have the ability to produce a very beautiful and extremely engaging slide with PitchBolt.

Why Do You Need To Produce And Host Webinars And Online Conferences In The First Place? If you’re a coach, blogger, entrepreneur, or you have any company, hosting webinars and conferences can turn your company around.

A poll carried out by ON24 Among entrepreneurs and business owners are going to make you change your mind if you have not been benefiting from webinars and live presentations on your business: 95 percent of the respondents agreed on advertising as a key to their lead generation and promotion campaigns. 89 percent of the respondents consented to the webinar as their very best platform to showcase and grow their business. 75 percent of the respondents reported they use webinars to construct their new, 76% achieved more prospects by conducting webinars. A mean webinar converted at 41 percent — a enormous speed compared to any other kind of marketing. 95 percent of the respondents climbed up their economy via webinars.

But Creating The Presentation Slides And Hosting A Live Webinar/Conference Is Not Simple. Before Today, To Create An Engaging Slide Presentation For Your WebinarsYou : Layout The Slides Yourself Or Hire A Pro Designer To Do It For You. When You Are Ready To Host The Live Demo, You’ve Got To: Use Facebook Live. This might seem like a cheap option. But bear in mind that Facebook won’t enable you to use that amazing presentation slide you made. It is possible to just show your face rather than the slide. This brings us to another alternative. Hire A Pro Designer To Do It For You It appears to be a fantastic alternative for your presentation until you discover just how much you’ve got to pay monthly to utilize them. Now, a new solution is named PitchBolt.

PitchBolt Review — there are lots of reasons explaining why business owners and product founders usually host webinars.

Firstly, Webinars play an significant role in the product launch that could offer their customers a clear presentation about the product they would like to buy. In summary, it’s very good for product promotion.

Secondly, Through webinars, business owners may get a deeper knowledge about their clients’ requirements and what they must change to make their products best-sellers.

Basically, Webinars, video conferences, online courses, or masterminds can be produced in one way — demonstrations. However, you will need the quality software to produce each these live events smooth and appealing.

In Case you do not have any ideas to complete those jobs, or even if you’re presently using one but it is full of errors, you may look into this option — PitchBolt the new-released software packed with special features that enable you to produce presentations especially used for live events.

Stay tuned on the upcoming elements of my PitchBoltreview to research this program.


Creator Danny Adetunji
Merchandise PitchBolt
Launch Date 2019-Dec-12
Establish Time 11:00 EST
Official site https://pitchbolt.convertri.com/fe
Front-End Price $37-$47
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Ability All Degrees
Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Economy Tool & Software
Service Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend highly recommend!


PitchBolt is the cloud-based app that can help you design professional presentations in seconds using the world’s first slide design platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. Literally, the program can organize your content logically, even with no touch of your hand.

But do you know what the best part is? It permits you to produce presentations with audio & video as though you’re not in precisely the exact same location with your audience and they can ask you questions in real time without interruptions.


Daniel Adetunji is the software developer of PitchBolt — the terrific invention he has brought to life. If you don’t understand, Daniel is the talented marketer famous for his long list of quality goods on JVZoo.

And in case you still doubt that, just check yourself by searching these titles on Google: ViddyGenie, Soci LeadMessenger, PixieLogo, Stockily, DescovaApp, MailSniper, DFY Profit Suite and a lot more.

This time, PitchBoltis Going to be the next great success of his career path since this is among the projects he has spent plenty of work and time developing. If you would like to find out more about its features, visit another portion of PitchBolt Review, and we can find out!


Interestingly, the system assesses your articles and makes optimized decisions so as to design your presentation slides. That is so great, is not it? And there are so many other outstanding features that you can not find in the members’ area of PitchBolt t:

Constructed Pitchbolt Polls which enables users to run polls on real-time

While Presenting their jobs, presenters are now able to make presentations to countless people about their services and products and immediately get feedback without sending surveys, emails or having any third party do it at a massive price.

This Is a really efficient way to get excellent feedback from target audience or potential customers — reducing time and cost spent running conventional market survey.

PitchBolt Care Tracker

Well, This tracker will provide you detailed reports on attendance and attention during your demonstration, which keeps you updated with company decisions and make necessary improvements on your following presentations.

Furthermore, This attribute also gets you informed whenever someone pulls up another program over your presentation display. This can allow you to perceive your issues and adapt your presentation to recapture the interest of the audience in time.

PitchBolt Status Update

It is so good that your audience can ask questions and leave their opinions during your demonstration using PitchBolt, which means that you may address their objections and instantly close deals there on the webinar.

PitchBolt Event Recorder

It’s Kind of obvious from the title itself, right? With this feature, you can easily record your event as you host them. The best suggestions I could give you is that you could sell the records (if it is a training event), use it for presentations, or for evergreen promotional videos.

The best AI-powered Slide Generator

Pitchbolt can Help you save a whole lot of time to arrange your presentation, in actuality, you can take advantage of AI technology and build up specialist slides from the superbly designed themes.

The Software, moreover, can help add pictures to each slide matching the slides’ content. You may even make adjustments using the Pitchbolt Editor tool.

Presentations are made in pure HTML format

This Makes the complete size of demonstration less than 1mb, so you will flow webinars seamlessly in realtime regardless of your internet connection speed with no lag!


Step 1: Login

Enter your credentials to the login page. After you log in, you will see the dashboard as below:

Step 2: Create new demonstration

To create new job, roll down and click to the Create New Project alternative.

Then, you pick the sort of project you would like to create. In this case, I chose the most popular one Produce From Text.

After that, add the data required about the job: The project’s title, MS Hunt Key, The job’s category, as well as the content of each slide. Please listen to the prerequisites to save time:

Step 3: View and Edit Your Display

Once You have the job created, you can view, copy or delete it. Click to the first icon to see the presentation in full screen.

The Demonstration will be opened in new tab. You may notice in the screenshot below the slide shows the content you added together with the image it’s automatically added.

Well, In case you’re unsatisfied with the automatic arrangement, then you can edit the slide . Click to the icon that I marked with the red arrow at the next screenshot.

Now, the built-in editor will permit you to customize each slide without difficulty.

Step 4: Create New Event

You can create a new event in the Upcoming Events segment from the dash or you may click to Occasions tab in the menu bar.

You may add the name, time and day for the event. Then, click to the Next button to continue.

Click to select what presentation that you need to use for the upcoming event.

Now, you can see this event in the Occasions Tab. There are several choices for you to pick. You may copy and paste the URL to your buddy, or you could share it instantly to your FB or Twitter accounts.

You Can preview how your viewer’s display looks like by clicking on the first icon of the function. You will see your face streaming in real time like this:

Step 5: Create Polls

Well, this is among the most outstanding of the program. Click into the Polls tab to undergo what polls you have created.

To make new survey, click to the plus icon in the top right corner of this display.

Then, give it a title and click on Done.

After that, click to the icon to edit your survey.

Click Into the plus icon to add new query. You’ve got complete options to edit your query in addition to the choices the audiences have with that queries.

This is the question I’ve just included:

For more details, let assess the education video below:


As I’ve mentioned previously, in online business, webinars could be of great importance that you have never imagined. Let us go through these speaking numbers in a poll completed by ON24 among entrepreneurs and business owners talking about using webinars and live presentations in their company:

And Since your opponents now all want to take the best advantage of webinars and live demonstrations, you’ll be left behind in case you miss this, right?

Do not panic! When You have access to PitchBolt, you Can own the stunning and thoroughly engaging presentations without actually designing it. Just examine the previous part to understand how magical this program is, you can just copy and paste your slide content into PitchBolt, and it’ll use the top AI technology to produce and organize the slide for you, particularly with the ideal image!

Believe or not, purchasing this program means you might save a whole lot of money from hiring Powerpoint designers and hosting charges. In actuality, this PitchBolt lets you host your events for a one-time fee.

The Care Tracker is Another feature I wish to emphasize on. Interestingly, with this feature, you are able to perceive when your crowd is becoming distracted from your presentation. That can help you make any necessary adjustments in time to get their attention back, right? Undoubtedly your live demonstration will be wrapped up with the greater engagement and conversion speed.


The Purchase Price for PitchBolt Basic ranges from $37 to $47. In My view, this is a fair price at which you can enjoy and use outstanding features without creating a hole in your budget.

Compared To other software which lets you stream your presentations, this is exceptional and can not be substituted. Please consider it for today, since the cost will go up really quickly! I’m positive you will find more intriguing things about this PitchBolt when you get indoors.

Sharing the same ideas with many beta users of PitchBolt, I am Sure that you are going to love this cloud-based software as soon as you grab it. However, in case it does not fulfill the expectations your expectations, your investment is totally safe. So you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about as the 30-day money-back guarantee got you covered.

Along with the frontend version, you can add more value to your applications by those OTOs:

OTO 1: PITCHBOLT PRO ($47 — $67)

  • Make Unlimited Calls Per Months to upto 15000 Live Participants
  • Endless Replays & Hosting For 180 Days
  • Premium Monthly Support
  • Create upto Additions 20 Presentations Every Month
  • HQ Video & Screensharing
  • PitchBolt University


  • Reseller License​
  • Dedicated Account Manager​
  • VIP Coaching
  • Dedicated Support


  • Unlimited Permit to Create Presentations​
  • Unlimited Audience on Occasions
  • Unlimited Slides
  • Unlimited Polls & Chat
  • Unlimited Access to Editor
  • Unlimited Screenshare
  • Unlimited Paid Webinars
  • Unlimited Online Courses Endless Host Meetings
  • Unlimited Podcasts
  • Unlimited Masterminds


Here Are several Upgrade links for your reference. You have to purchase the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you can purchase any OTOs if you like.

If You purchase OTOs alone, you’ll get NOTHING and it requires your time to ask for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to make sure the item is working well.


Well, This cloud-based program would be very helpful when it comes to video conferences, new product launches, demand survey, etc.

All The necessary tools are built in, including editor, timer, calendar, and polls, letting you design more eye-catching presentations.
In short, PitchBolt is a MUST-HAVE advantage for:

  • Marketers with multiple shops, affiliate sites, and merchandise sites
  • Video Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Little or Local Company
  • Merchandise Creators
  • Freelancers
  • Video agencies
  • Writers
  • Offline Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers


  • Zero Streaming Delay, No Lags
  • Standard Quality Vid Cam Recording
  • High Speed Servers & Cloud-Based Architecture
  • Publish Videos Directly on Social Media
  • Unlimited Access to Editor
  • Standard Quality Screenshare
  • 15 — 1 Hour Length Live Calls Per Month to 5000 Membered Audience
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


X This is too good a perfect software to whine.


As soon as you finish your order, you’ll be fascinated by the charming presentations you can make with PitchBolt. So, prepare yourself, all of the great things are waiting inside.

Now, You are able to host amazing live webinars with demonstrations, video Conferencing, interaction attributes, analytics and integrations, create On-demand webinars that operate on autopilot, and host dependable video meetings. Grab one now so that you can have it to get the best price!

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