SmartVideo Revolution Review

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SmartVideo is interactive PERSONALIZED video maker which permits you to create interactive, personalized videos which will skyrocket your conversions. This software permits you to personalize videos to add your visitor INSIDE of this movie. You can add your visitors name, picture, location and much much more. This makes your videos STAND OUT and almost forces your visitors to keep watching to see what will happen next.

Interactive Personalized Video Creator

SmartVideo Revolution Review — Introduction

It Is clear that since videos are used in the marketing area, they did perform their mission of providing information of products and services and are likely to dominate the field. Do you know why?

As Much as you know, videos provide customers concise information in the form of stunning images and attractive animated text. In addition, watchers can immerse themselves into movies thanks to catchy soundtracks and other attractive items.

Therefore, undoubtedly, when embracing videos into your market system, you will be granted a chance for more leads and sales.

However, Unfortunately, the process of earning videos is rather demanding. It is because you need to be competent at computer and design skills and have an impressive creativity ability if you want to attain high-quality videos.

SmartVideo Revolution

Those Things might place a predicament on you! Hence, I write my SmartVideo Revolution Review to share with you an excellent tool called SmartVideo Revolution that will remove almost all difficulties from the process of making videos and get you a chance to personalize videos.

SmartVideo Revolution is intended to give you a helping hand in the process of obtaining high-converting videos. By relying on this suite, you won’t just get videos to serve your multiple functions without effort but also save more time and money on your own. So, how?

On The one hand, SmartVideo Revolution will allow you to make use of updated video creation technology to execute the process of generating videos by. Needless to say, with advanced methods, you may shorten your time and revel in your work because the procedure is as simple as pie.

On The flip side, if you can’t constantly afford book ideas for your new videos, then you can deploy SmartVideo Revolution to personalize videos. By doing so, you just have to carry the simplified procedure of editing videos. Because of this, you can avoid hectic troubles and headaches due to coming up with innovative ideas.

All Things considered, once investing in this perfect suite, you can be certain that you will draw more visitors and attain stronger leads, which pave the way for your procedure of closing sales and increase your revenue continuously.

SmartVideo Revolution Review — Overview

Vendor: VideoRemix
Merchandise: SmartVideo Revolution
Launch Date: 2020-May-21
Establish Time: 3 PM EDT
Front-End Price: $47
Recommendation: Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: General

SmartVideo Revolution Review — What Is SmartVideo Revolution?

SmartVideo Revolution is intended to give you a helping hand in the procedure of getting high-converting videos. By relying on this suite, you will not just get videos to serve your multiple functions without effort but also save time and money on your own. So, how?

On The one hand, SmartVideo Revolution will allow you to make use of updated video creation technology to implement the process of generating videos by. Of course, with advanced techniques, you will shorten your time and revel in your work because the procedure is as easy as pie.

On The other hand, if you can’t always afford book ideas for your new videos, then you can deploy SmartVideo Revolution to personalize videos. By doing this, you just have to carry the simplified procedure of editing videos. Because of this, you can avoid hectic troubles and headaches due to coming up with innovative ideas.

All Things considered, once investing in this perfect suite, you can rest assured that you will draw more visitors and attain stronger leads, which pave the way to your process of closing sales and increase your revenue continuously.

How Does It Work?

If you want to take full advantage of SmartVideo Revolution, You Just Have to follow the easy-peasy 3-step procedure as follows:

  1. Step 1: Upload video which you want to personalize
  2. Step 2: Add more things and edit it using the simple editor Given
  3. Step 3: Put your video on social platforms and grab traffic

SmartVideo Revolution Review — Who Invented SmartVideo Revolution?

SmartVideo Revolution is produced by VideoRemix, who’s a renowned online marketer. He is appreciated in the field as a result of great success and contribution.

Plus, He’s also enthusiastic about creating digital products. His products such as X-wave, New Video Software, etc received compliments from users.

Therefore, I believe that his latest product, SmartVideo Revolution, will be a highly- beneficial goods and bring pleasure to your job.

SmartVideo Revolution Review — What You Can Get From SmartVideo Revolution?

Obtain unlimited videos easily with incredible personalized editor

If You want to personalize videos efficiently, SmartVideo Revolution won’t let you down! A personalized editor that the suite provides to you will allow you to experience the easiest process of editing !

You Just have to drag and drop items to make changes to videos. Besides, you are able to add more videos’ elements by providing some clicks. So, it is time for you to get a stunning video in minutes.

Achieve countless powerful customers

What Is more, SmartVideo Revolution also supports you in the process of getting clients. It will offer you pre-made sales scripts and demo scripts, telemarketing scripts, effective marketing materials and more to facilitate and maximize your process.

So, You can rest assured that everything you need to close sales is ready and your duty is waiting to see your earnings soaring non-stop.

Easy-to-follow education through 3-day live training

You Are worrying about how to run this suite nicely? Stay calm because you can join a careful live training lasting 3 days to get in-depth guidelines. Therefore, you will master operating this intriguing suite and benefit from it nicely.

More persuasive videos’ elements for irresistible videos

As Mentioned before, this suite includes cutting-edge video production technology, which means you can make your videos spellbinding with a great deal of videos’ items such as animated images and text, special effects and transition, emoji, etc.

If your videos are equipped with these components, they will attract people’s attention better and get you more goal leads.

SmartVideo Revolution Review — My experience in using it and How does it work?

I used this product as a beta tester and now I’m going to make this fair review for you.

So that you can expect everything out of my review.

Hello I’m now inside the SmartVideo Revolution dash as below:

On the left side panel we’ve got these following options: Add Media, Elements, Produce.

You can choose the video ratio because you want: 4:5, 16:9, 9:16, or 1:1 as below:

Upload Video

The first step is to add a video:

Click on Add Media, then you can choose a video to upload, you can add image into the video as well:

You can add the link URL for this picture, adjust the time it displays in the video, or even set the rotation.


Smart Text

You can add some text to the image, insert link:

Drag & Drop Cloud Based Video Personalization Editor

Add animation by clicking on Open Library as previously:

Then lots of animation effects are there for you to choose: dip in, bounce in up, fade in, fade in down major etc…

After input the text, you can custom the font, colour, size:

Personalized image

You can add your own logo to personalize the video, or whatever picture you want to make it more colorful.


To make your video more lively, we have stickers, static emoji, animated emoji, and flags as well:

Advanced optin

[+] Designs

[+] Fields

[+] Integrations


In additon, this software alllows you record your screen as below:


You can Select the screeen recorder:

Or recorder recorder as below:


In setting option, you can add video title, description, tag and thumnail, then click to save this movie product:

Once you saved the movie, you can go to the produce tab as below:

[+] Email Campaign:

[+] Social campaign: share your video to Facebook or Linked:

Or you can select Watch movie option to preview the video:

You can watch the following tutorial on how to use SmartVideo revolution:


This video making software is superb. It’s easy to make a video but the video is not simple in any way.

Hurry up and catch this product right now. You will not want to miss this deal.

Who Should Buy It?

SmartVideo Revolution will best suit those who are craving for powerful videos, for example:

  • Online marketers at any level
  • Online business owners
  • Products creator
  • Bloggers
  • Marketing consultants

Pros and Cons


  • Updated video creation technology
  • Time and money saving
  • Multiple functions
  • Terrific movies
  • Available substances for upcoming customers


So far, There's none

Price and Evaluation

For a limited time, you can grab SmartVideo Revolution with early bird discount price in these choices below. Let’s pick the best suited choices for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: SmartVideo Revolution Commercial ($47)

Game changer. The ONLY all-in-one video Founder to produce, publish and PERSONALIZE, cinematic-style marketing videos that celebrity your every visitor. All from one dashboard!

Welcome to the revolution. The SmartVideo Revolution. With dynamic personalization as standard. Everyone who views a SmartVideo will see it as though it’s personally, exclusively for them.

With more than 92+ studio-grade creative Elements and personalization options for names, places, photos and more, SmartVideo will revolutionize the way your customers do video promotion.

With personalized video being shown to Increase conversions by over 985 percent (Forrester) and with a ton of real life testimonials from actual SmartVideo users — including Domino’s Pizza -who DOUBLED their conversions when they used SmartVideo in their personalized video campaign!

And with a commercial license included As standard, customers will have the ability to combine the 6,500+ happy entrepreneurs who’ve been using SmartVideo’s personalization technologies to pocket over $2.5 MILLION in sales of personalized videos to local companies.

OTO 1: Professional Edition ($97)

The template gamechanger for clients Who despise template clubs. The Creators are giving away over 650,000 personalized video templates to help customers make their personalized videos faster, easier and cheaper! 650,000?!

That’s a lot of templates I hear you say! How are we doing this? They have established the SmartVideo ‘Template Generator’ — providing customers over 250+ foundation videos, 50+ market scripts and 50+ royalty free audios that they simply shake up and create their own ideal template each time.

Waiting months for a template from their ‘club’ that matches their needs or markets is a thing of the past. And their videos never seem outdated or the same as everyone else’s…As with 650,000 possible unique combinations — AND with additional assets being dropped in future updates, customers are only ever a couple of minutes away from generating their perfect BESPOKE template every time.

PLUS: They’re also unlocking a whole Host of pro features like Linkedln integration (which means viewers can connect via Linkedln which provides you an extra professional edge), voiceover capacities, local business market landing page templates and much more.

OTO 2: Agency License ($67)

With over $2.5 MILLION already generated By SmartVideo users selling customized videos to local businesses — we KNOW there is real money to be made by clients placing themselves up as a personalized video agency.

This a complete agency package, designed To obliterate all the cost, effort and time involved in setting up an agency. And when we say ‘complete’ — we mean it. This is no ordinary ‘agency kit’.

Including a ‘Personalized Video Demo Show-Room’ where clients can have personal meetings with their prospective customers and flaunt personalized video demos.

Clients are also getting a whole host Of agency-ready materials, where they all need to do is add their personal branding and go out and find those sales.

Including: Ready-to-go personalized Video promoting explainer video, video service landing page, ready made demo-scripts, sales scripts, telemarketing scripts and much more.

PLUS they increase the personalized Video templates that they can make to 1,250,000 with an additional 250 base level videos for their template generator.

And with a ton of included Communication and business tools; including a live chat program, personalized market chatbot templates, chatbot demos, unbranded cases studies, social program, to-do program and a whole host of marketing resources to boot…

The only way you won’t produce a successful video agency with SVR — is if you don’t purchase this upgrade.

OTO 3: Interactive ($49)

Unlocking a TON of in-app features Designed to make client’s personalized videos much more interactive, cool and current. Customers will now have the ability to create and play 360 personalized movies AND 3D personalized movies, as well as magical personalized cinemagraphs.

These even work on cellular and incorporate seamlessly with social media. We’re going to unlock YouTube and Vimeo integration at this point — meaning customers can be getting views on their personalized videos in the two biggest video platforms on the planet.

We’re also going to give them the Ability to search, within the app, the entire picture and footage libraries of Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash — meaning they’ll not have to pay out for another stock image or video again.

Plus with countless animated CTAs, Stickers, flags and tags for their personalized 360, 3D and cinemagraph videos — it is going to be pretty tough for people to ignore their personalized videos.

And as an added bonus, we are giving them Downloaders for nearly every significant video and sound platform online — meaning that they never should create their own video or audio content ever again. They could simply download, add personalization and gain.

OTO 4: Smartmail Upgrade ($197)

With this Last upgrade, customers will Be able to bring the power of SVP personalization to their emails! Having a dragn’ drop personalized email template builder with added interactive email templates.

Customers will be able to effortlessly Create innovative, PERSONALIZED dynamic AMP emails to make their every email campaign much more powerful.

Clients will get a whole host of Ready-to-go AMP HTML email templates, so that they could create their personalized emails with just a few clicks. Advanced controls help them mechanically craft a fallback HTML email with a few clicks.

When their email is prepared, our clever Code validator automatically checks it for errors. Studies indicate that personalized emails have 2.5x higher click through rates and 6x better conversions.

When clients combine their personalized videos with personalized emails — just imagine how much that MULTIPLIES their outcomes.


In A nutshell, SmartVideo Revolution will make a breakthrough to the procedure for achieving satisfying videos. You will simplify your job and optimize the process of getting leads with the aid of this suite.

So, Let us think about it and make up your mind as soon as possible! I am quite sure that it will fulfill all your requirements and give you more time for relaxation!

This is also the last line of my SmartVideo Revolution Review. Thank you for your attention! See you next time!

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