Traffikrr Review

Click here to get Traffikrr. Traffikrr is a WordPress plugin that will help you to create a viral”money site” in moments full of the articles and videos from YouTube on full autopilot. When those are posted on YouTube, Traffikrr articles these videos right to your”money site” and create a completely new post on the site. Notably, other social websites are added to the plugin.

Everybody will be hearing about Traffikrr during the next few days. Whilst Traffikrr is not something I will be using (that doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad) check out my whole Traffikrr review.

Though a few of the features are contained in the upsell only. So to make it easier I will simply just let you know what the principal Traffikrr software does.

To create websites, wish to post cool content in their Facebook pages and naturally want to create money from it all…but I do it manually and kinda like doing it that way (although I have been considering getting a software to help out)

I’ll say this to people thinking of purchasing Traffikrr. This is a software built to assist you build a business extremely fast and automate the majority of the hard work.

Traffikrr can be quite useful but it’s not a magic button. You will still have to think of the correct niches or in case you already know which market you would like to be in then Traffikrr can help you a great deal and save you some precious time.

Now In the time of writing this review I’ve not seen the finished Traffikrr sales page so that I will tell you a few of the things which I enjoyed about it.

Like I said earlier many people Want a site or more than likely a few sites This is where Traffikrr actions in. Video sites are gaining popularity every day because of being able to rank highly and keep people on your website.

So one of the first things that Traffikrr does is too pull in fresh videos which have just been published and add them to your website, it is also possible to change the description and the name of the video essentially making it your own video.

Now With the most important Traffikrr software you may also set call to action clickable hyperlinks and pictures over the movies that result in your affiliate link.

Your site and then set a clickable link over my video so that when folks click the link they’ll visit your affiliate link than mine. This is all done by the Traffikrr program.

So as soon as you’re linked to my channel each time I upload a new video it goes right to your website.

At First I had been wondering why use Traffikrr to pull new videos to your website, why not pull videos which are older and have tens of thousands of views. I then realised that if you pull videos which are new from somebody who always posts videos which are extremely popular then you’re seeing all that traffic right from the start…and people love new content!

When A software such as Traffikrr has numerous applications and works like Traffikrr has it is extremely tough to review and talk about them all so I’ve just focused on the functions that I thought interesting.

That Traffikrr includes a complete video walk through on how to set up everything and even has a video about how best to establish a campaign!

You May use Traffikrr as a complete beginner or as somebody who would like to accelerate their site building and get the most out of the Viral effect! Also I understand that Leigh (one of the designers) was utilizing Traffikrr to create a whole lot of sale and construct his record. So he’s truly using the Traffikrr software in his company to generate money in his spare time!

Upsell 1 is Gold Edition of the software (This provides more choices and features)