Video Marketing Blaster Review

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Video Blaster is a simple to use software that quickly finds all of the keywords (words and phrases) individuals are using to hunt YouTube for videos from your niche.From there, it let’s you know which keywords your video may easily appear for in the very top of YouTube, in addition to the estimated number of free views you can get from it each month.After selecting the keywords you desire, Video Blaster Pro then produces a title, tags and description which are perfectly optimized for the keyword, to assist your movie appear on top of YouTube once it is uploaded.Now you understand what it does, let us get in the Video Marketing Blaster Pro review and have a look at the key features to see why it is so great. Note: In this Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review, I have also included images showing a fast test I’ve done using Video Marketing Blaster. I have chosen to upload a fast test video in the internet hosting market (known to be very aggressive ). I discovered a key word that is”easy” to position at the top of YouTube, based on Video Marketing Blaster. And moving to upload it together with the optimized name, tags and description as provided by the program. The result: The movie hit the number 1 place within days of uploading it.

I’m going to tell you all about Video Marketing Blaster. As always, I buy, attempt to test the software so that I can provide you a totally honest review on if I feel this program can allow you to make money online. Therefore, if I have appeared on page one, I recommend you do not navigate away just yet.

What’s Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster is basically a fancy keyword searching tool that’s intended for use with YouTube. What this indicates is it will permit you to search for a variety of keywords and phrases that don’t have a great deal of competition. You may then “spy” on your competitors to learn what tags and keywords they’re using.

After You have figured that out, you can copy them, make them better and because of this rank higher on search engines. So, how does this work? Well, let’s have a look.

How Does It Work?

I really tested VMB by standing my review of this program! pretty cool right?

Right, Let us jump in and I’ll show you how it works. I thought the best key word to use for this exercise was”video marketing blaster review” because that is what I am trying to rank for. I thought it would be rather funny if I could rank higher for the product I am actually reviewing, when using the product — which would be fun would not it? And it worked!

Right, this is what I think. As I was scrolling through I thought the tags were very cool, and the names were very nice, but…the description will need to be entirely re-written. It was only too spammy and filled full of key words. Here here though is really cool, as it basically tells you what people are saying, and you can just double click on it. It then pops that text in your description and you can change it accordingly.

At This point, I’d recommend that if you get this product get the pro edition. The main reason is I have seen the movie on finding a market, and it is a far more visual representation of this procedure I have just shown you. Both of these features are OK, but there are tools which you can use that are free and you may use them as a chrome extension that does that for you in a far more user-friendly manner.

This Procedure is a Bit”clunky” and may be irritating to use. Having said this, I think it’s really cool and very handy to have. As you are probably aware, rank YouTube videos with no knowledge of what other individuals do or what tags to use is really tricky. So, I am off to keep on adding this text in, re-writing the description and sorting out the movie. The next time you see me, I will be on YouTube.

What is the goal of this software?

So, What’s Video Marketing Blaster for? Well, it is there for individuals who wish to rank high on Google or, rather for people who wish to rank high on Google and YouTube using their movies. When you look at other videos on YouTube which you are likely to rank against, it is tough to understand what they’re trying to rank for.

There are all sorts of Keywords, tags and various descriptions , so it is tough to know what you are up against. Having said that, the main ones to watch out for (that you really must know ) is exactly what tags and key words the contest is targeting, and you can not find these. So, with a program similar to this you can”snoop” (for want of a better word) on the contest so you understand just what they’re doing.

Alongside This, you can use a piece of software like this to explore unique keywords, and tags in addition to find out which keywords do not have a great deal of competition. This, in turn, can help you produce videos that may potentially rank higher.
Why I Recommend The Pro Version

The 1 thing I discovered when testing this program is that if I were you I’d invest in the pro version. This is because using the pro version you receive extra features like the ability to keep track of your ranking, which I think is pretty cool. However, the most important thing is that you have the choice to analyse your specialty and monitor your ranking much nearer.

All in All, you get a more visual representation of your list. It will tell you when you’re listing is bad or good. The program will even tell you if the competing listings are generating good SEO so, basically what you get is information on what tags, keywords, names or descriptions do well by picking out specific pieces.

Most Importantly, and this is what I love about the pro version is it’ll tell you ways to rank better. Thus, when you scroll down the program will provide you a very cool”ranking variable”, it tells you how many enjoys, how much time and the number of social tags you will need to allow you to rank on page one of search engines.

Why The Pro Model Can Save You Time & Money

What You should remember is that this is not nearly ranking because the program permits you to search certain keywords it might be that you run across keywords that are not worth ranking for. In which case you won’t bother using them. If you do not have this tool, it could mean that you end up spending hours creating videos including keywords that are not worth ranking. Thus, you won’t be wasting valuable time (and energy). Additionally, you are likely to get more traffic.

So, that is why I would Recommend the pro version as you get more attributes. The simple version is nice, BUT there are other extensions out there for example VidIQ (chrome extension) that basically do the same thing, and they are free. Also, these are somewhat more user friendly and easier to use. Therefore, if you are going to purchase this tool I suggest that you have the pro version as you’re very likely to get far better results.

Can You Make Money Using This Program?

The Short reply to this one is yes, you may earn money using this program. Clearly, it comes down to more than just keyword research that I will talk more about in a moment, but basically this program will give you an advantage over the competition. After all, not everybody posting videos on YouTube (based on the market ) will use software such as this since they’re just an ordinary person that has a station, and they are just making the strange video here and there.

Obviously if You are in the SEO or online marketing market then, yeah, it’s going to be tough but if you have say, a site about a YouTube channel about vacations, or for instance, a food station using a tool like this will provide you an advantage over the competition.

I come back To the term”snoop” but it is true, you can. You will have the ability to have a peek at the top-ranking videos on the market, see what they are doing and do it better that can only be a great thing for your company. That is essentially the point for this software — to give you an advantage over the competition however, there’s………. .

One Thing VMB Can Not Help With!

As I’ve explained above there’s a lot this program can do to help you rank higher on search engines and on YouTube but the 1 thing it can not assist you with is observe time, and this is super important! If your videos do not have engaging articles, or do not give information that is helpful to people watching, guess what? They won’t watch, and this means you are going to slip down the rankings whatever type of applications you use.

It Could be that you are just starting out and you are still a bit shy on camera or have not actually produced videos before. This means you may be unsure of exactly what the best videos need when it comes to visuals, in which case, I would not suggest that you don’t get this program (just yet).

If Your serious about the online business you are in, this program will Definitely allow you to move up the rankings. I have used keyword search tools Before, and this one is truly good. Just remember that if you are Starting out, it is going to help but could prove to be somewhat expensive Until the video quality you’ve got is”up to standard”.

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