VideoPal Review

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VideoPal is the most current in site”talking head” technology with both animated and individual video hosts. It permits you to set these 2d and 3d characters directly in addition to your site, or ANY site, and comes with the ideal text to speech technology available, in 24 different languages! Your animated spokesperson will say whatever you need — or you may load the readymade done-for-you hosts that can work across dozens of markets. That’s only the start: You can also upload ANY human talking head with a green screen background. BAM! The background gets removed mechanically and your video server is prepared to walk onto any site. To top it off, VideoPal is loaded with features beyond what you thought possible. This is similar to breaking the speed of light in the Web Video Space, we have not seen anything this inventive and ground-breaking since VideoMakerFX 3 decades back.


  • Merchandise: Video Pal
  • Vendor: Todd Gross
  • Cost: USD 37
  • Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars
  • Payment: One-Time Fee
  • Salespage: CLICK HERE
  • Niche: Video Marketing
  • Refund: 30 day period
  • PRO: 5-step easy creation of 3D animated speaking avatar with a pleasant text-to-speech functionality
  • CON: Few choices for the front end merchandise, You Have to Get the OTO for more

Today, I will do a review on VideoPal, a cloud-based software developed by the team of Paul Ponna and Todd Gross which will provide you the capability to create talking avatars which you could put on your site.

The First time I heard about this product, I wasn’t really impressed since the item name is actually not that tricky, and I thought it may be just another dull product which was launched daily, and besides that, I don’t have any idea on what it could do, but the moment I saw the sales page, I was impressed with its features and what it could really do, so I purchased it at the very moment to check it out and confirm its claim, and I figure that the VideoPal Team has done an excellent job at this one.

Software Walkthrough

Watch the video below I have created for the thorough review of the product in addition to the software walkthrough.

Wendy Has already done a fantastic job reviewing and walking you through using VideoPal, you can see for yourself the avatar made by me in the right hand side of your screen, and also to add only a little more, I would only need to enumerate what I enjoy about this product, and these are the following:

Things I Like about VideoPal

Easy to Use

Creating A superbly rendered talking avatar hasn’t been easy, you only have to follow the 5 simple steps on making it and nothing more

Text-to-Speech Engine

The Text-to-speech capability of the application is wonderful! As you can see from how Wendy talk. There are still a few pieces of the speaking where it needs improvement though but if you consider the positive and the negative things about this, the positive aspects actually outweighs the downsides significantly.

Language Translation

Another Wonderful thing about VideoPal is you are able to translate your text to a different language, and it is truly nice because using VideoPal, you can target people all around the globe. Conveying message to individuals using their own language other than english has never been easier before with VideoPal

One-Time Payment

Naturally, as you know me, this Would not be forgotten to be included on my list. Another nice thing about VideoPal is its one-off payment and even with this pricing structure, you can still use VideoPal unlimited times but I just have to remind you that I Purchased this product during it’s first launch and they are offering a one-time life payment but I guess they will be changing it soon so if you still have not have a hold of this amazing software, then I recommend you to catch it today and go for their salespage by clicking this link

Things I Do not Like

For The things I do not like about VideoPal, well, there is actually nothing I can think of besides there are a couple of choices of avatars if you simply purchase the front end merchandise. But still, I think that you could already begin with your marketing campaigns with the ones that are available, and when you’re already making money from it, just purchase the upgrade.

VideoPal Creative Tricks

As what Wendy has told You on our video, you may really use the avatars to your video testimonials but it is going to require you some tools and a little bit of work. I don’t know if anyone has already did this but I will share to you the method how I did it. Read below and see for yourself.

Tools Needed

For this trick to work, you need the following tools

  • Video Downloader — so you will need to really download the movie to your PC. And for you to have the ability to download this, you want to use a movie downloader. What I use is Internet Download Manager, and it is really doing it’s job quite well. It’s not a completely free tool but you have 30-day free trial to check it out. If you can discover other movie downloaders that works, you can use it also, it is just that I have IDM and it is the tool that I used and is functioning, so that is the one which I urge
  • Video Converter (WEBM to MP4) — this instrument is necessary if your video editing software doesn’t recognise WEBM video formats. I am really using Camtasia and it doesn’t recognize WEBM formats so I want to convert the downloaded movies to MP4 formats until I could use it with Camtasia. Anyway, if you are using other video editing applications besides Camtasia and it recognises WEBM video formats, then you wouldn’t need this tool. I really use Movavi for this and I attempted to use it with their 7-day trial along with the conversion from WEBM to MP4 is in fact working (Update: There is truly a free software which also converts WEBM to MP4, the title of the program is Handbrake, I actually tried it and it is working as well, and you may download it from their site )
  • Video Editing Software — this is the final tool which you need as you’ll use this to make your video presentations. I now use Camtasia but you may use other video editing applications as well depending upon your preference or what is already available to you. If your video editing software recognises WEBM, then that is great for you because you do not need to convert the downloaded Videopal videos into other recognisable video formats, but otherwise, you’ll be having a video converter.

And That wraps up my critique. As for my parting words, I just want to inform You that if you still haven’t gotten VideoPal, then you need to really Catch it now while the cost is still low. I highly recommend this Product since it’s a really good investment especially for someone with Online businesses since it is possible to use these talking avatars to your advantage. If you still haven’t gotten this, simply click on the button Below to find out more about the item. It’s currently priced at $37 for A lifetime license however, you must hurry because it is going to become a monthly Subscription in the near future so act today. The sellers also offer a 30 Day money-back guarantee so if this product did not meet your standards, Just ask for a refund and you’ll receive your money back without a questions asked.

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